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You mean you don't sell flowers?

In today's post, I'd like to give you a little insight on the meaning behind the name, Blue Flower Graphic Design.

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked if I was a floral shop, I'd probably have enough nickels to start a floral shop, ha! Of course, I knew that the name may be a bit confusing when I deemed it official, but let me give you an insight on what it really means.

Well to start, it's my initials, Briana Fedorko. Clever ay? But remember that english class I sat in when I found out I landed a major client project and had needed to amp up my credentials? (see previous post, Beginnings of a Designer). During the moment I checked my phone, the professor was explaining the meaning behind a blue flower in literature. We were studying romanticism at the time. In literature, a blue flower symbolizes desire, love, striving for the infinite and unattainable, and the hope and beauty of things. Others include deep trust, confidence, and calmness.

I took these meanings in my own way. Striving for the infinite and unattainable as a reminder that things that seem impossible can be done. Beauty as what art truly is. Love for loving what I do. Trust and confidence for what I hope my clients gain as we form a great working relationship. And finally, and maybe the least abstract, I just really love blue flowers LOL! I used to pick "blue bells" in my yard as a kid and give them to my mom in a tiny bundle for this itty bitty vase she had. It was one of my favorite childhood memories from early on.

I'm sure there are some literature critics out there that will say I have the wrong idea about the blue flower meaning, but to me, it made sense and it worked. Remember when I said I appreciate the heck out of that old man professor who was boring? Well, he gave me the inspiration for my business name and really got me into Madame Bovary and Gustav Flaubert too, LOL. I actually ended up telling him I started a business on the last day of class when I was last out of the room. I gave him my business card and I hope to let him know he was my inspiration someday.

So, no, I don't sell flowers, but maybe I'll brand a flower shop one day ;)


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