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The What and Why of Design

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Howdy friends! Hope you are staying well and productive during this crazy time. In today's post, I wanted to talk a little bit about what we do here at Blue Flower, and about the importance of graphic design.

Look around you. I can guarantee at least 3 objects surrounding you are a product of graphic design. It's literally everywhere and we tend to overlook it because it's just so commonplace and part of our everyday life. What I'm saying is, it's that eye catching bag of chips on your counter waiting to be devoured, the local supermarket flyer, the stickers that cover the back of car trunks, a street sign, literally the list goes on.

Somewhere out there in the big wide world, a graphic designer or a team of them, sat down at a computer and designed that. They chose the fonts and typography, the colors, the pictures and other graphics, and the arrangement of it all. To be technical, a graphic designer is a person who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures and advertising. However, it doesn't just end there. Designers have to use their skills in marketing, psychology, sociology, history, English, and art.

When a designer (or creative team) is given a specific project, let's say a logo design for a women's clothing line, they have to carefully consider things like target audience, color theory, symbolism, and all the applications of art (layout, readability, placement, size, etc) PLUS ensure that it's unique and not similar to another companies design. In my opinion, it really mashes together all your skills you've ever learned and sometimes it makes you realize that the classes you thought you didn't need in college, actually came in handy. Needless to say, we graphic designers put a lot of thought into our work.

Here at Blue Flower GD, A LOT of thought is put into every project big or small. My personal goal is to make my clients feel like a kid on Christmas day and really really get excited and love what they see. I don't stop until you are 10000% in love with the work you have received. You can rest assured that the spaces between the letters are even and well "kerned" and that you have no "widows" in your body copy. Yes, those are odd design terms, but you'll be extra glad we care about those LOL!

So you know a little of the back story, but what can we do for you and why do you need us? Many people may get the impression that we are too expensive or they "know a guy who know's a guy who know's how to build a website" or they just try to do it on their own in Microsoft Office. First, know that custom design can be expensive depending on the project and most design studios or agencies are going to really drain your bank account for quality work. Also note the obvious that designers don't work for free and have to make a living too, plus account for the time and thought that goes into the project.

At BFGD, my philosophy is "agency level quality for small business prices" meaning, you are going to get exceptionally high quality designs, for affordable pricing. There is no reason for me to break the bank for clients who want to improve their image and grow their company, or for regular folks who just want something special made. After all, I am a small business too, so supporting me, means I can support you! I love sharing your projects on our social media accounts so it helps you gain some attention with your lovely new designs!

We specialize in both print and digital design so things like: brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards & stationery, magazines, billboards, websites, stickers & vinyl decals, social media posts, yard signs & banners, bridal invitations and all the extras, ETC!! Recently, we started a side project of making home decor with cute sayings on them! There really is no project too small or large, and we are open to hearing your ideas.

Why do you need us? Well, just like a fashion stylist, we can make you look your absolute best! Your work will look polished and professional and in return, help you grow your business or create a long lasting memory (hello class year books!) We work with professional software and technology, we have years of experience in both digital and print design for regular folks all the way up to national non-profits, and to be frank...we know what the heck we're doing! Bring us your notebook paper, napkin drawing scratch pads, and we will turn it into something beautiful. It's our passion, our goal, and most importantly, our pleasure to work with you on your creative needs and give you stunning designs.

To start a project, visit our website at and fill out the contact form!


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