American Wine Society


The Client's Roots

Project Goals

Operating as a non-profit, the American Wine Society is the oldest and largest consumer-based wine education organization in North America. For over four years, we have had the opportunity to work with their National Office on various projects including the design of their quarterly journal, The Wine Journal, which we design from cover to cover, yearly national conference logos, membership cards and support items, and various  marketing pieces. 

Initially, they challenged us to create a re-brand that was more welcoming and appealed to a younger wine consumer, while staying true to its 50+ year history and values. Through years of building a trustworthy relationship, we now handle most of their creative needs.

How the Business Bloomed

The society now has a professional and modern brand that looks less intimidating to a younger wine consumer and differentiates them from other wine society's by its longevity and growth; thus, increasing membership rates and industry leader participation. Through the design of all other marketing materials, their entire brand showcases a cohesive, professional look.