Shooze Contemporary Boutique 


The Client's Roots

Project Goals

How the Business Bloomed

Starting in 1983 as a luxury shoe boutique in Northeast PA, Shooze rapidly grew into a luxury fashion boutique selling the very best of NYC, LA, and global fashion trends with a unique focus on style and exceptional customer service that still remains today.

They challenged us to bring them into the digital world by creating a brand around the existing logo that reflected their roots in luxury fashion. Projects included a full branding, website, and on-going marketing services such as email blasts, in-store promotion creation and signage, direct mail, and social media advertising.

The boutique now has a brand that enhances their image as a luxury boutique and distinguishes them as professional and modern. Through digital marketing, we were able to expand their customer base and create brand loyalty, gain them two new global fashion brands that otherwise would not consider them, and make old/new customer's familiar with their new location.