About Blue Flower Graphic Design

Meet the Owner

      Hello!I'm Briana Fedorko and I am the owner and graphic designer of Blue Flower Graphic Design. I live and breathe design and it is one of my true passions in life.


I started Blue Flower GD after working as a freelance designer for a few years and seeing the need for my creative services growing. My second passion in life is helping people in any way I can-so, I united those two passions and Blue Flower GD was born! 


My business foundation is built on a few main things: providing agency level quality designs for small business pricing, working directly with the owner (me) at every step of the process, and taking on projects no matter the size. Serving my community and getting to meet wonderful people is what its all about! There is no greater joy than watching my clients smile and get excited about growing their business or refreshing their branding. 


My goal is to help you take your business and projects to the next level by means of creative services that are right for you. By choosing Blue Flower Graphic Design, you will get individualized attention and excellent quality work and service at every level of the project. Together, we can make your business bloom and I sincerely look forward to working with you.  



what can a graphic design business do for you?

The answer is, a lot! A graphic designer's job is to take your info and ideas and make it visually understood, attractive, and well represented. For businesses, whether you are a professional looking for a logo and business card design, a small business looking for a re-branding and various advertising, or a large corporation that is in need of more in depth marketing, together we can create an engaging experience by connecting you to your consumers.


For everything else fun and creative, we are here to help! From invitations for grandma's 80th birthday party, businesses cards and labels for your make-up brand, to yard signs and more, no job is too small. See below to view a small selection of the types of services we provide. If you need a special project not particularly listed, we would be happy to discuss a plan with you! 

Key Services We Provide

You have the business or idea, you need the look! Take your business to the next level with a cohesive and professional look that represents your vision

Bring your business or service to the digital world and expand your customer reach with a dazzling website to direct customers 


Your business and branding are on target, but you need to expand your customer base and get your message across to consumers

Social Media

The growing form of advertising. See how using social media advertising can help grow your customer base and reach through engaging content


Website Design

Frequently Asked Questions


We love working with clients big and small and our goal is to work with you based on your needs. Each price estimate is different and works on a project by project rate. In some cases, a flat rate for a large on-going project will be offered. 

We accept paper checks and PayPal (fee applies) as a form of payment for services. Pricing and payment go hand-in-hand and we will work with you to create a payment plan based on the project.

Payment Structure
Payment Structure
How to Begin

Let's chat! Send us an email with your name, contact info, description of project, a few goals, and budget guidelines. We will review and see if we are a match for your needs. Then we will form a project plan for you.

How to Review Us

If you love the results from your project, we would love to know! Send us an email with a few lines of your experience and we will publish it on our site!

Client testimonials

“Briana is an amazingly creative, energetic designer! She worked with us on several branding projects. She listened to our needs, provided guidance and always delivered a fantastic design–and on time!”

— Kristin Kraft, American Wine Society, Former President